Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comfort Food Chapter 12: The End!!!

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Lola's Thoughts: 

In this chapter Emily takes her life into her own hands and gets in the car and goes back to her Master. She mails a letter to her parents and ties up the few lose ends. 
She doesn't know or care if the Dr. can "cure" her.  She didn't care how she had become this way. She didn't care that she doesn't and will probably never know his name. He is her master. 
She envisions a welcome homecoming. Instead she is treated with coldness and locked out of the house. 

She knocks on the door until her hands bleed. She laughs remembering when she did that same thing to be let out. He opens the door and gives her things to clean her wounds. Hours later: chicken noodle soup is set out. Around midnight: a pillow and blankets. Emily just goes with the flow. She has hope that he will let her back in. 

Anything beyond this is a spoiler. You will have to buy the book to find out if he lets her back in or not. Thank you for joining us in our read a long. 
Kitten's Thoughts:
I have nothing else to add.  Hope you enjoyed this?  At the least, it's been a ride if you read it with us.

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