Friday, December 21, 2012

Savagery: Emma MacKenzie


In 10th century France, 18-year old Cherine Cadet only knows one thing: that the life of a peasant isn’t a life at all. Tired of working in utter poverty for an unfeeling Lord, with only her indifferent family and love-struck best friend as company, Cherine dreams of the day she can run away from the future set-up for her, even if she knows there’s no real escape from her destiny.

Then, in one brutal instance, everything changes. A Viking fleet led by the powerful nobleman and warrior, Rolf the Walker and his right-hand man, Erik the Axe, arrive on the shores of the Lord’s estate. In minutes, the entire land is up in flames, Cherine’s family and fellow serfs are killed, and Cherine comes dangerously close to death herself. She is saved only by the fierce Erik – but a new lease on life comes with a cost.

Cherine becomes a slave to the Vikings, a fate she thinks is no better than the one she had before. But as she finds herself being shared between the two men, the savage and darkly handsome Rolf and the mysterious and sensual Erik, Cherine discovers that she too has a fiery warrior heart and that the flames that consumed her old life might burn them all to the ground.
Kitten's Thoughts:
Cherine's home is destroyed by the feared Vikings and she is taken to be used by two handsome, strong, poweful Vikings as they wish.  In this backdrop, a seemingly impossible romance buds between Cherine and Erik all the while Rolf places his unrelenting demands on Cherine's body.  Both men are motivated with differing desires for her, as well as different ways to make her life somewhat more pleasurable than before, but she has no voice herself to choose the man that she prefers.  Which man will ultimately claim her as his?  The man that softly yet firmly awakens her sexuality, or the man that gives her pleasure while brutally forcing her body into submission? 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Abraham Lincoln: Presidential F*ck Machine

Rating: 4 Stars ****
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Blurb: Few people know that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest fuck machine of all time. His sexual prowess is unmatched in the history of American presidents. When he gets word of a nefarious plot hatched by the insane Emperor of Japan, he must learn to use his most potent power--the power of his cock!

 Little known facts about good ole Abe. He kills zombies and vampires. He is also...I mean this is probably pretty obvious...but he is also a Fuck Machine. The book opens with the Prez's woody. Rather than be rude and wake the old lady up he gets the maid, Martha, to relieve his rock hard, well, nine inch rod. Martha is such a good servant and deep throats that thing. 
"Martha practically swooned when she saw it. 'May I....may I touch it?' she asked practically swooning at the sight. 'Dear girl, don't just touch it. I want you to swallow it.'" 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review, Bio and Giveaway: Dark Light: S L. Jennings

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Author:  S.L. Jennings


Before her 20th birthday, Gabriella was pretty much clueless about all three. In love with her best guy friend since the age of 14 and too crass and intimidating for most of the male population of Colorado Springs, both love and good sex were virtually a myth.

And then there's magic. Freakin' magic. There's no way that legend could have a place in her less than exciting life. So why after twenty years of utter obscurity do her adopted parents hit her with the ton of bricks that is her true identity? And how the heck is she supposed to accept all this and instantly become what she was destined to be?

Lucky for Gabs, sexy as sin Dorian is more than equipped to help her embrace these new revelations. And while everything about him feels oh so good, she soon learns that there's more behind his crystal blue eyes, chiseled body and exotic beauty. Something dark, menacing and downright unnatural. Yet Gabs is in way too deep to even try to turn away from him now.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review and Giveaway: All In by Raine Miller


Buy this book: All In (The Blackstone Affair, Part 2)
Blurb: Ethan Blackstone has problems. He's broken the trust of the woman he loves and she's left him because of it. Ethan isn't giving up though--he's determined to get his beautiful American girl back. Their passion together was explosive, but their secrets are even darker and more frightening. With political threats directed at Brynne, Ethan has no choice but to fight for her, to win her love, and to protect her from the very dangers that could take her away from him forever. He's willing to risk everything to have Brynne and to keep her safe. He'll go all in...

This is Book 2 in The Blackstone Affair.  This series must be read in order and are not stand alone.

Kitten's Review:

Book 2 continues where Naked (Book 1) ended, is written from Ethan's point of view and what a view that is! You've wanted to see inside a man's head, haven't you? This is your chance. Everything that he doesn't show on the outside is brought to light... His fears, his demons and his oh so dirty-dirty thoughts about Brynne.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comfort Food Chapter 12: The End!!!

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Lola's Thoughts: 

In this chapter Emily takes her life into her own hands and gets in the car and goes back to her Master. She mails a letter to her parents and ties up the few lose ends. 
She doesn't know or care if the Dr. can "cure" her.  She didn't care how she had become this way. She didn't care that she doesn't and will probably never know his name. He is her master. 
She envisions a welcome homecoming. Instead she is treated with coldness and locked out of the house. 

She knocks on the door until her hands bleed. She laughs remembering when she did that same thing to be let out. He opens the door and gives her things to clean her wounds. Hours later: chicken noodle soup is set out. Around midnight: a pillow and blankets. Emily just goes with the flow. She has hope that he will let her back in. 

Anything beyond this is a spoiler. You will have to buy the book to find out if he lets her back in or not. Thank you for joining us in our read a long. 
Kitten's Thoughts:
I have nothing else to add.  Hope you enjoyed this?  At the least, it's been a ride if you read it with us.

Comfort Food: A Read Along, Chapters 10 and 11

Kitten's Thoughts:

He didn't have to forcibly remove me from the house because I knew he would and having a breakdown at this point wasn't going to help.  I had belonged to him, and now he was showing me how absolute that was by disposing of me like any other piece of property that had become of little interest.
Just like taking out the trash.  Unbelievable.  But this is a good thing, right?  Emily can go back to her life.  It may take time to rebuild it...  maybe a little therapy would help, but she'll be ok.  She can't have gone through all of this and not be able to rise above it in the end.

She returns home to a shocked mother and father who had just recently (as she heard on the radio while driving) had a memorial service for her.  They gave up on her.  They believed her dead even without a body.  The dullness she felt when she left only intensifies.  "I'm a zombie." she tells the girl at the drive-through window.  Does her Master know what her family did?  Does he want her to feel like a zombie inside?  Why this utter cruelty?  Why should we expect anything else from him?

After being home for a while, she finally begins to see a therapist.  She just wants pills so that she can numb herself even further.  The therapist hesitates since that's not how therapy works.  You have to talk about "things" and "what happened" and "how does that make you feel", but Emily wants none of it.  The therapist, not really getting anywhere in the session by asking those irritating questions, quickly finds the root:

"You want to go back to him."
It wasn't a question.  I bolted up from the couch and stared at her.  Despite understandings of the victim/tormentor relationship, most people refused to accept someone wanting to go back after they were free.
"Yes," I said.
Her therapist assigns her homework...  to keep a journal of the things that Emily believes she can share.  If she does that, then the therapist will consider some pills.  We all know that Emily had already kept a journal, so this should be easy.  Just turn it over to the therapist, and voila!  Pills.  But her therapist does have a question:

Would you like to tell me why it's all written in third person, though?
Emily is clearly distraught, the therapist gives her a prescription.  Before she takes the first pill, Emily goes to the zoo.  She walks through the exhibits of animals in cages and thinks about her situation.  How she needs the cage.

She throws away the pills.
Lola's Thoughts:

I don't know why but these are the chapters that affected me the most. I wanted her to go back to him. The book felt empty without him. How pathetic is that?  But Emily is already making plans to go back. She knows she is free but she writes reverse directions to his house.

Coming close to home she hears on the radio that her parents have given up on her and had a memorial service for her. To everyone but her Master she is dead. But then again he kicked her out. She has no idea where to fit anymore. Sentences like this broke my heart.

In the end the most monstrous thing he did was let me go. 
For whatever reason, he wanted me to be free, and I'd been trained to obey. I could keep going if I thought of it as obedience.
Over months of being with him, my prison had become my sanctuary, and now that I was free, the world was my prison. 

She goes home and her parents freak out. I think that they are cold to her. But I was also putting myself in Emily's shoes.
At the end of chapter 10 the press arrives to find out her survival story...when really Emily feels like she is dying.

A few friends cam by, but I didn't have the energy or will to ask to stay with them. That felt too much like moving on with my life. My life had ended with him. 

After seeing the shrink she thinks of finding her own place and try to get on with life. She gets her pills and goes to the zoo. Then she dumps the pills and decides that she doesn't want to be a part of this life. She wants her life with her master back.