Review Requests, Policy and Contact Info

First of all we welcome all authors to submit their erotic/romance novel to us for review. But we do have some guidelines. As of right now we are a new blog so feel free to contact whoever you want, including me, I will pass along requests to the other girls.
Once we are established and each girl has a few reviews under her belt I encourage you to contact the reviewer that you feel most comfortable reviewing your book.

*I, Lola, have another blog and I review for Parajunkee as well so will not be able to take on many more review requests. Please do not be offended if I do not get back to you or give your review to another girl. My time is very limited and I cannot take on every book I want to. Trust me if I could, I would review every book on the planet.
*A personal note I try not review books with rape and non consensual sex, and or abuse. I am ok with BDSM as long as it is consensual and not veiled abuse. So if it is too much for me I will refuse to review it.
I do review paranormal erotica (ie I fucked a Swamp Monster) just be prepared for my sarcasm in the review. I tend to find these types of books hilarious.
*As much as I like to think I am fair and like most things that are written sometimes I just am not fond of a book for whatever reason. If I happen to not like your book (which is very rare) I will email you and let you know privately. I refuse to give out bad reviews for author provided books on the blog. I will put my review on GoodReads. If that is the case then we shall feature your book without a review.
Anything I purchase on my own is fair game.
**I encourage our other reviewers to follow this policy as well but will not censor them.
Giveaways are much appreciated and encouraged. They benefit both our blog and you as an author. I will include any and every link you provide me in the rafflecopter form. If you want us to include your cousin's wife's sister's daughter's blog in it then just go ahead and give me the link. We are here to promote you as well as reading.
Indies-PLEASE DO SEND US REVIEW REQUESTS. 99.9999% of what I read is Indie. I love indie authors and will do whatever possible to promote them.

I think that covers all of the bases. We are available for blog tours, excerpts and author interviews.
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