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Lola/Sir:  This is my second blog. I am also a blogger at Contagious Reads and I do indie reviews for Parajunkee. I read, take care of kids and am a pizza artist at a gas station. Yep, you heard that right. Gas Station Pizza. I love blogging even though I am not that good at it. LOL. I am relatively new to erotica but I like Dark Erotica. I am ok with BDSM type situations as long as it's not actual abuse. Of Course, there are exceptions to this rule. My interests include being a mommy, reading, writing, listening to music and being awesome!!! Favorite Music: the three M's...Metal, Madonna, and M.I.A. I don't have much time for movies but I enjoy sci fi and horror movies. Anything with zombie and I am good. I do actually have a favorite book, it's WATERSHIP DOWN by Richard Adams. It's about bunnies. :D 


Kitten: This is my first time participating in a blog like this, but having a great time.  If you have suggestions/hints to share, don't be shy. I've got my big girl panties on. My husband would say my occupation is reading, but my actual work is HR related. Location:Wherever the book I'm reading is located. My interests include: Yoga, Reading, Wine, and.... you know. Why watch a movie when the scenes in my head are sooo much better? Favorite Music: Alternative. Favorite Books: Way too many to mention here. 


are all here to help spread the sexy!

To contact Lola use this email contagiousreads@gmail.com :D

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