Friday, November 30, 2012

Comfort Food: A Read Along: Chapters 8 and 9

Kitten's Thoughts:
Chapter 8

Months pass between Chapters 7 and 8, and we now join Emily 5 months later in her... I'm not quite sure what to call it now...  captivity?  life?  I'm really not sure at this point.  But there we are, 5 months later.  I was trying to think of how long now she has been with her Master.  It was early Spring when he took her, so maybe 10 months at this point?  Almost a year.  Almost a year with no tv, no radio, no internet, just Master and his wishes.  He does give her books of erotica to read.  So, basically, she lives nothing, but sex and any other way that she can entertain herself (other than touching herself -- definitely against the rules) while she waits for Master.

She is in no way the same Emily we met at the beginning:

By July, the photos had changed, like they weren't even me. Pain was dwarfed by pleasure, even when there were lash marks on my back, even on the occasions when there was blood. Whatever he did, it didn't matter. I wanted it all.
In the good cell the warm throbbing between my legs was almost constant.  It didn't matter what I was doing.  Dancing, bathing, painting my fingernails.  Because whatever I was doing, my thoughts rarely strayed far from him and memories of the last time he'd touched me.  If I had been his obsession, he had become mine just as strongly.
She's imagining what he's doing when he's not with her.  Does he think of her at all? What is his long term plan for her?  She's afraid because she never wants to leave him now.  Her prior life is simply a shadow of the person she now is, and she never wants to go back to it.  Friends, family...  What did they look like again?  She can't quite remember.  I totally understand that.  Her entire mind has been erased and been rebuilt in the way that Master wants to be.  He has obliterated and destroyed the old Emily.  She doesn't even care that he doesn't speak to her anymore.
But he didn't have to use speech.  Every touch, every caress, every lash of the whip, crop or cane.  It was all communication, a private conversation that no one else could intrude upon.  Before, my life had only been words, shallow, meaningless words dripping from my mouth with no real content.  Words for the sake of words to make me feel less alone in the world.  But I had been alone.
And now a new trick...  One day, she wakes and the door to her room is wide open.  Not knowing what to do, she continues with her morning rituals and waits in her slave position for Master.  As she waits, she sees... what is that...?  A set of car keys.  She continues to wait with fear pounding in her heart.

When Master comes to her room hours later, she still waits for him.  When he arrives, he is furious that she didn't leave.  Why would she?  How does she know that this isn't a trick of his to get her into the bad cell?  Besides, she doesn't want to leave anyway.  Why would he want to leave now???  She is exactly what he made her into.  Presumably, she's exactly what he wants now.  I really feel for her.  How can she go back to any semblance of a normal life?

He drags her through the house towards the door as she begs him not make her go.  He throws her on the couch, leaves and returns with a notebook... His

Chapter 9:
The only thing that I will say about Chapter 9 is that he tells her explicitly why and how he did to her what he did.  There's just too many possible spoilers in this chapter to discuss it much further. We also learn a few shockers about Master himself.  The main point of it:

The bastard kicked her out.

I don't really have much to add.
It's really amazing to see the changes that take place. She is finally "comfortable" in her life. She is living it and doesn't hate it. I'm not sure how I feel about that. You get to see the level of her comfort. So when Chapter 9 comes and he kicks her out it is a huge shocker, and a huge blow to her. I felt her devastation.

Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Caroline Reynolds has a fantastic new apartment in San Francisco, a KitchenAid mixer, and no O (and we’re not talking Oprah here, folks). She has a flourishing design career, an office overlooking the bay, a killer zucchini bread recipe, and no O. She has Clive (the best cat ever), great friends, a great rack, and no O.
Adding insult to O-less, since her move, she has an oversexed neighbor with the loudest late-night wallbanging she’s ever heard. Each moan, spank, and–was that a meow?–punctuates the fact that not only is she losing sleep, she still has, yep, you guessed it, no O.
Enter Simon Parker. (No, really, Simon, please enter.) When the wallbanging threatens to literally bounce her out of bed, Caroline, clad in sexual frustration and a pink baby-doll nightie, confronts her heard-but-never-seen neighbor. Their late-night hallway encounter has, well, mixed results. Ahem. With walls this thin, the tension’s gonna be thick…
In her third novel, Alice Clayton returns to dish her trademark mix of silly and steamy. Banter, barbs, and strutting pussycats, plus the sexiest apple pie ever made, are dunked in a hot tub and set against the gorgeous San Francisco skyline in this hot and hilarious tale of exasperation at first sight.

Lola's Review: 4 Stars ****
Yummm Simon Wallbanger. I want one for Christmas. Ok. His real last name is Parker...but that's like weird. Just kidding. I'm not 12. I just like the nickname.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comfort Food: A Read Along, Chapters 6 and 7

Chapter 6 begins with Emily being led to her own red room of pain and another choice.  Whips, canes, a metal table with handcuffs and more sex toys than a retail shop await her decision.  It isn't long coming:

He believed he could hide his soul from me by never speaking, but his actions told me everything I needed to know.  He wanted me to beg for the whip.  And I would do it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: I Fucked a Zombie Horde by Delilah Fawkes

Rating: 4 Stars ****Source: Reviewer PurchaseBlurb: Rose has one rule when it comes to staying alive in the post-apocalyptic hellscape she calls home: Stay sharp. If you're not sharp, you could miss something, and when you miss something, that's when they get you--The Sex Zombies.
If they make you cum, you die, turning into a mindless, horny, walking corpse. 
When Rose saves Jake from a horde of the undead, she knows right away he's not good for her survival. He's hot as hell, but sex is one distraction that could get them killed. Will he be the something that dulls her edge, or will they both make it to safety with their underwear in tact?
Warning: This 4300 word short story contains dubious consent, sex with the undead, forced seduction, and a ghastly gangbang you'll have to read about to believe!

Lola's Thoughts: 
LMFAO. Yes this is a real book. Yes the zombies are out to get you off. If they do you become one of them!!! This book was freaking hilarious. And amazing! I loved it. Was it gross. Of course. But not as bad as those other monster fuckers I read a month or so back. This book was an all around fun ride. 
Why the 4 stars when I gave "My Robot Body Will Make You Cum" 5 stars. Because the zombies have to rape their victims (kinda). But zombies are soulless eating (in this case sexing) machines who don't care about feelings. Also because it was entirely too short. I feel like there is so much more to this story!!!
If you like reading weird erotica then I think you will like this one!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: My Robot Body Will Make You Cum

Title: My Robot Body Will Make You Cum
Author: Dixon Heurass
Source: Reviewer purchase
Rating: 5 Stars *****
Blurb: James' wife is in for a surprise when he returns home with a shiny, new robot body. One capable of pleasuring her in new and precise ways.
-4800 Words This story contains graphic scenes of sex between a woman and a robot. 

Lola's Review: I have been goodreads friends with Dixon Heurass for less than a year. In that short time I have read various erotic books including Fifty Shades of Freed and this short story. Let me tell you this book is a lot more entertaining than the other one. 
I would like to start of this review with a few small facts (*ahem fabrications*) that I have learned about Dixon. He is truely a well read individual who loves reading all of the classics. Hemmingway, Salinger, Fitzgerald. As a matter of a fact this book is a fan fic of a small unknown story by JD Salinger. I'm sure you have never heard of it. It has some kid named Holden in it. Dixon is a fantastic horse trainer and ballroom dancer. He speaks four languages fluently and loves a nice big glass of bourbon after a hard day at work.
Now to my review.
The good:
This story is well written and entertaining. I did not get grossed out. Not even once. I cannot believe this has not been optioned by a big porn house and made into a movie!
The characters are totally relatable. I can understand why he would want to become a robot. I would too if I could get a bunch of sweet attachments like he did.
The bad:
Um having a 2 liter of pop put into a vagina sounds painful. It's probably equal/greater than the pain of getting punched in the balls. 

Overall this was a fun little read. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to have a big ole LOLGASM.

Add it to goodreads:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Comfort Food: Chapter 4 and 5 Read-a-long!

Lola's Thoughts:
Chapter 4:

"I was falling too far, losing bits and pieces of my mind. If I didn't escape soon, I knew I wouldn't be able to. In the other cell there was no hope because there were no weapons......Suddenly everything my eyes touched held a dark purpose. Shower Curtain? Strangle him. Pen? Jab him in the throat. Lamp? Knock him out." 

Is it bad that I may have LOL'd at this part. Yes, I realize I am fucked up in the head. Needless to say...I think I found humor in the fact that this is exactly how I imagine myself reacting to this situation. She imagines killing him a lot in this chapter. For various reasons, her freedom, her sanity, the safety of her family.

She bides her time. Feeling a sense of security that she can't see pinhole cameras in the ceiling. She plays along acts submissive. Losing her self more and more even if she thinks she's just acting. I think she knows better. I think at this point she has so much HOPE for escape that she doesn't see herself slipping as she plays his game.