Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland a Fairytale for Adults

Author: Melinda Du Champ


Eighteen-year-old Alice is unhappy. Her boyfriend is nice and polite, but he’s also quick and careless in bed, and doesn’t give Alice the attention and variety she craves. But he’s not entirely to blame, because Alice herself doesn’t understand her own needs. She’s heard about what sex is supposed to be like, but has never felt anything remotely close to what she’s read about in runaway bestselling books.

Then Alice follows a vibrating white rabbit down a deep, dark hole, which leads to a place beyond her wildest imagination. There are no nice boys, or girls, down here. Only those who indulge in secret, forbidden, kinky fantasies.
Alice is confused and frightened and… aroused.


I think that we have all had lovers in the past (hopefully, not present) that do not focus on their partners needs… A part of that, however, is realizing what your wants and needs are as well as communicating them. While this book ventures into the selfish lovers aspect as well as punishment for that offense, it mainly focuses on Alice’s discovery of what she wants.

In this parody of both Alice in Wonderland and 50 Shades of Grey, we meet the different characters in the fairy tale who are just as mad as they were in the original story, but only with a highly sexual bent. Honestly, the only link to 50 Shades of Grey is the Pink Room of Bunnies (rather than the Red Room of Pain) and her host wearing “those jeans” wherein Alice learns what an orgasm is and feels like. Otherwise, this is Alice wandering through Wonderland lost and naked, being taken in ways she never imagined as well as doing things she never imagined that had disgusted her when she thought of them in the past.

This book definitely has its share of heat. Scenes from Alice spread completely open on the wheel where her savior/tormentor shaves her bare and juices her body... Placing differing colors of lipstick on a man’s cock to make a rainbow… Using a sex couch to its fullest potential with 3 partners all in the name of fun… Her adventure in the Queen’s croquet game, being handled by the entire Queen’s court, not knowing which hands or tongues corresponded with what body… all the while hearing different voices in conversation about her reactions… Alice sitting on a Queening chair forcing a man strongly resembling Lewis to pleasure her or die as punishment for bad poems as well as not being an attentive lover… And who doesn’t appreciate a good spanking or two?

That being said, there were certain aspects of this book that just didn’t sit right with me. Strangely, she earns clothing after each sexual encounter, starting with boots that make her ass look good to being totally dressed as the slut she is commanded to call herself. The Queen tells Alice “There’s nothing wrong with being a slut, but you should own it. Let it empower you.” Not quite sure how I feel about that. No there’s nothing wrong with being powerful in your sexuality and as free as you want to be (with precautions), but “slut” stills hold a connotation (at least to me) that doesn’t mean power at all, but being used

Also, I don’t know of any 18 year old that knows what they want sexually, and I’m not sure that ventures into breast enlargement, BDSM, swapping out blow jobs with another woman, 3-somes a with a “furry” (Google it) and lastly public masturbation are a good idea at that age, even though it was an intriguing read for me.

But, we’re really not reading this book for a moral compass, right?
Overall, I’d give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Suggested wine pairing: Rabbit Ridge Paso Robles Bunny Cuvee

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