Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trapped with Sex Starves Aliens

Author:  Aphrodite Hunt
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars


Alicia Conifer is having a hard time with her starcraft pilot, John Hanson. His overwhelming good looks and caustic tongue are distracting. But she has to graciously put up with him anyway for two whole weeks on the planet, Norbu, where she plans to study the flora and fauna.

They are not alone, however.

They are soon kidnapped, stripped and subjected to indignities by the natives - who seem to be partial to her voluptuous body and John's impressive manhood. But Alicia discovers that the Norbuans have two sexual appendages and a mysterious telepathic ability that has far-reaching consequences for all of them.

How much of her body must she give up to learn their secrets?

The author states that this book was an homage to "Avatar" and "John Carter", and this is apparent in the description of the aliens bodies as well as appendages.  They are 9 feet tall, lean and the females of the species have no breasts.  However, the aliens' tails that were used to connect to the goddess in Avatar are used in a much more carnal fashion in this 14, 500 word short story.

This story does build the main characters a bit: why they are going to this planet, occupations, general attitudes, how they speak to each other, the thoughts they have about each other but do not voice, etc... But before long, danger surrounds them in the forest with Alicia and John ultimately taken to the leader of the alien tribe for exploration of another kind.  An excerpt:

"His hand reaches for her left breast. He has a curious expression on his face - as though he has never seen a breast before. He may well not, judging from the flat chests of the Norbuan women. She holds her breath as his three-fingered and one-thumbed hand caresses her flesh. He cups her mound and raises it. His touch is silken and very warm. One of his long tapering three-jointed fingers brushes across her nipple, causing the tip to tense and fill with blood."
How Alicia and John react in this situation are as polar opposites. Him being the more sane of the two and trying to find ways to escape... but Alicia... is very dedicated to her work and good at persuading John to her way of thinking.
Remember (like I had to remind myself) that this is a short story. Even though the scenes are steamy, they are few... with the second not quite as thrilling as the first (honestly, I was a bit bewildered at where it was going for a bit). But, it's the perfect size for the ride to the inlaws across town for dinner. Greet them with a smile on your face!

The price point on Amazon is $2.99 and that may seem a bit high. However, after Trapped by Sex Starved Aliens, you also get a glimpse into another Aphrodite Hunt book Her First Clit Ring.

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Suggested Wine Pairing: Alien Wine by Raymond E. Feist

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