Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review: Sitharian Breeder

Author:  G.D. Canning

Donnata Carmichael-Rutledge’s life goes from bad to worst when she catches her husband with another woman. Stuck with him for one final space haul to the colonies, she finds he has changed their course to connect with a black market dealer. Instead of making a fortune, Eddie Rutledge careens them into an asteroid field where he is seriously injured.

Life takes an interesting turn for Donnata when they are ‘rescued’ by the Sitharians, a previously unknown race of reptilians who bond, live and reproduce as a Triad, hoping to one day mate with a Breeder. With their help, Donnata returns to Earth with a near dead Eddie who is kept alive in a cryonics chamber.

When she divorces Eddie and resumes her space travels hauling supplies to the far reaches of Earth’s Colonies, the Sitharian’s kidnap and take her as their Breeder and Mate. She learns the secret to reviving their struggling and low female population and learns to give herself to her alien triad. In return, they will bring her to sexual heights she has never before experienced and honor her as their Sitharian Breeder.

Contains Graphic Sexual content between an alien Triad and their brash and sassy human Mate/Breeder. m/m/m/f, contains mild BDSM.

Kitten's Thoughts:

I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review.... And I honestly really liked it!

Donnatta is a feisty middle-aged woman who is fighting to make her own way in the universe when she is kidnapped by 3 (yes 3!) large, scary looking aliens who also happen to be fighting to continue their species away from their home planet where rights to reproduction are ruled by the powerful.

Do they even know how to fuck a human?  As luck would have it, Donnatta's ex-husband left some porn on her ship which they have taken and use as instructional videos.  Do they have the right parts?  Oh yes, and in such abundance, they must make sure Donnatta's in a constant state of arousal when mating so she can take all 3 of them.  How can these 3 even start to make this new "family" work...  They must start by wooing her and demonstrating their new found talents, of course...

"'Moe' had found her pussy with his wandering tongues and was lapping at it like it was a favorite treat.  Damn it, she always did get horny when her temper exploded.  The vibrations of their trilling hummed along her nerve endings, making it harder and harder for her to stay detached.  She began to pant as 'Larry' and 'Curly' sucked her nipples into their mouths.  Each had a large globe in their hands, squeezing and kneading, timing the movements with their sucking.  Her body was responding despite her best efforts.  Her back arched as she orgasmed, her pussy walls trying to clench 'Moe's' sinuous tongues."
This full length book not only packs some seriously heated (HOT!) scenes (3 built aliens with mouths boasting long multiple tongues and huge thules... ), but is also very funny and relatable...  As these aliens prove undoubtedly that they are as clueless as any male when it comes to women's emotions, and Donnatta proves that tears will break any male out there...

I really do think that you will enjoy this book and should give it a try!  If you already like this genre of erotica, you won't want to pass this up.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. thanks for the great review Kitten!

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