Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: Lucy Gets Laid

Title: Lucy Gets Laid
Author: Cherise St. Claire
Source: Reviewer Purchase
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars
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Blurb: Shy Lucy lives a humdrum life. As an accountant who cares for her deeply religious mother, Lucy hasn't experienced very much excitement. Then she meets the owner of her firm, Peter Lear, and he just might have what Lucy needs to finally break free from her shell. THIS IS A SHORT, EROTICA STORY. Approximately 7,000 words.

Lola's Thoughts:

Lucy is a shy girl. She prefers comfort over fashion. She keeps to herself. Walks with her head down and hopes that no one notices her. That is until she meets Peter Lear. Within one fateful meeting Lucy's life outlook starts looking up. Peter Lear may just be the man to get Lucy out of her shell.

I know, I know. Lola is reading something other than Monster Porn. What can I say? It's great for a giggle.
Don't expect the next FSOG or Reflected in you here. Simply because this short story is well short. But what is here is good. I like Peter Lear much better than most erotic big boss men. He gets right to the point. Lucy is mousy without being annoying. The sex is steamy. In 7,000 words Ms. St Claire managed to tantalize and engage me in more ways than other more famous authors. I only wish she would have give us more of Lucy and Peter. I was thoroughly entertained. Is this short worth .99 cents? To me it was. It was a quick hot read. I look forward to reading St. Claires longer works.

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